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Gabi von Gans
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Gabi von Gans

Air Canada's retiring of the DC8 airplane

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Modelling in 1992

Gabi von Gans

Gabi von Gans while working on her personal "wish list" of portraits which includes international figures such as artist Dr. Robert Bateman, Monte Hummel WWF Canada, Chief Donna Big Canoe, Father Paul Cusack, and Dr. John Charles Mullen Canada's top heart and lung transplant surgeon, has released My Left Eye - Take 30 in December, 2013. The hardcover portrait collection book features the photographs in black & white and colour. It is also available as a DVD with original music by guitarist Dallas Sutherland and behind the lens bonus photos of Gabi on the job over the years. In keeping with all the latest environmentally friendly technology and working with a fabulous Canadian production company, Gabi has made it available as an e-book as well.

Gabi is passionate about people, animals, and the environment. Her work behind the lens started as a teenager when she incorporated her love of design, athstetics, drawing and painting. Her career path was changed forever when she followed her vision of capturing life with a camera.

Gabi's quick wit and earthy spirit has left her subjects wanting more of her, never less. Quite often the thank you note that is sent to guests also reaches Gabi with one of her photos on its cover, thanking her for a fun filled easy going day. She still loves her job after almost 500 weddings, thousands of portraits and countless on location sessions. Throughout her career Gabi has followed some families from engagement to wedding, baby belly to family and portraits of elders that sometimes captured a lively soul at their funeral service. She has always regarded her job behind the lens as a privileged glimpse into private or business life.

Gabi von Gans, Vienna, Austria born artist, singer, model, and media poster child is a celebrated international photographer now living in York Region, Ontario. Her work was chosen for the York Region Millennium Book 2000 and her photo "Thompson Dock" on Lake Simcoe won best Millennium photo for York Region 1900-2000. The photo then became the corporate cover for Town of Georgina and included a full photo spread inside the piece also shot by Gabi. This photo spread came from a pre-established collection from her catalogue of limited edition (100 collector copies world wide) prints and the later published, in a hardcover, collectors book "My Backyard Ontario" by Gabi von Gans .

A portrait photographer is something that you are
by nature and express by cultivated talent.

In the Ontario 2008 "Right to Dry" Campaign, spearheaded by the former Mayor of Aurora, Phyllis Morris, the photo "Morning Whitewash" received Canadian recognition by Global National News. This, her landscape series shot over 15 years of her then 26 year career, was only a "sideline" to her regular on location portrait photography career.

Gabi's location assignments included portraits for:

  • National Geographic
  • US News and World Report
  • Fortune
  • Canadian Geographic
  • Billboard Magazine (1992 full page)
  • Toronto Life
  • Wedding Belles
  • The Bay Catalogue
  • The Briars Resort & Spa, www.briars.ca
  • Penhouse Magazine
  • Imperial Oil Canada
  • Ron Watts-First Light Assoc. (including Calgary Burn Unit and Toronto Music, Lions Foundation Dog Guides)
  • Horse and Country (covers and articles inside featuring Olympic champion, Jamie Smart)
  • and Gabi, herself, was written about having a thoroughbred ranch in Georgina, Ontario for dressage light work.

Gabi has photographed many equestrians and their horses for business and personal uses by the families. She is noted as one of the best equine portrait photographers in the province of Ontario. Recently she published "Herd on the Hill" coffee table book depicting some of her favourite horse moments from her ranch, "Far West Acres" and those in her Georgina neighbourhood in York Region.

Gabi was the official photographer for Canada at the Kentucky Equitana, 1996, where Gloria Neighswanders' team competed in the International Saddlebred and Morgan competition. On the corporate and advertising scene, Gabi worked with:

  • the Body Break Duo (Hal & Joanne)
  • Rob Mullen and the Brotherhood Band/Sunflower Peace Events
  • Noranda Annual Report
  • Rio Algom Minerals
  • Imperial Oil
  • GM Motors
  • Forbes Magazine and Fortune Magazine
  • MacLeans Canada
  • Newsweek and countless notaries in the Canadian power brokering scene
  • Gaylord International
  • Postal Promotions Canada
  • and assignment photographer for First Light Associated Photographers/ Stock Images.

As second photographer to the remarkable, Ron Watts/First Light, they photographed for the Word Wildlife Fund 1989 annual report featuring H.R.H. Prince Phillip for the Rainforest Project. Gabi then continued on to shoot for Top Fit, photographing two time Olympic Champion, Jamie Smart for the product photo.

Countless performers, dancers and musicians have appeared in front of her camera:

  • Rob Mullen Jr.
  • Neil Chapman
  • Paul James
  • Christina
  • Kieren Overs
  • Johnny Gitan (Billboard Magazine)
  • Harold Mayburn
  • Mike Massaro
  • Maureen Forrester
  • Prince of Soul George Olliver
  • Soul Devotion
  • Sandra and Melissa Goddard
  • John Cleveland Hughes
  • actor David Gardner
  • cast of Nunsense
  • Gary Archibald
  • model Linda Lewis
  • and the super soprano Mary Schofield, just to give a small taste.

As image consultant /stylist (spin-doctor) and portrait photographer Gabi's list includes federal, provincial and municipal politicians:

  • PM Brian Mulroney
  • Mayor Hazel McCallion
  • Andrew Witer MP
  • Mayor Jeffrey Holec
  • Hugh O'Neil MP
  • Mayor Phyllis Morris
  • Mayor Robert Grossi and council members
  • Councillor Bill Boytchuk
  • Barbara McDougall MP
  • Julia Munro MPP
  • Peter Juras, mayoral candidate
  • Brian Wilson MP
  • and Peter Van Loan MP.

When Air Canada retired the DC8 airplane, Gabi was asked to do the farewell photo in a hangar at the Toronto International Airport with the former DC8 pilots collected together in a group photo to say goodbye. High above the pilots in a special hydraulic device, Gabi gathered the pilots which included one of our Canadian astronauts (Chris Hadfield) and shot the last DC8 with its wing seeming to embrace them as a final hug.

She capped "Silver", her 25th anniversary tour, with a special international show in the prestigious Steiner Gallery Art & Wine in Vienna, Austria. The new venture, the Studio G Group of which Gabi is the Creative Director, was officially launched alongside her show and both were opened on September 11, 2009 by HE Canadian Ambassador Dr. John Barrett.. The collection was accompanied by two Albert Chiarandini paintings and a representative from the Chippewas of Georgina Island, Ivy Big Canoe, which brought a true Ontario celebration to downtown Vienna.

Gabi the model 1981 to 1992:

  • Modeling (hand, lip print, hair, runway, sample model/ off the rack)
  • Wayne Clark, Canadian Evening Gown designer
  • Holt RenfrewYorkville, Albert Nipon, Simon Chang, Linda Lundstrom, Evan Picone, Jones New York, Dior, Chanel, Trussardi, Barnsby, Yves St Laurent, Bata, Donna Karan, Mondi
  • Legs pantyhose (egg), Phantom "I would have never known they were my legs."
  • Mother's Pizza past and maybe present, Sunkist orange TV commercial

Gabi the Singer:

  • Mezzo Soprano/Alto since age 10
  • Lead vocals in countless musicals and stage shows such as Godspell, My Fair Lady, Sound of Music, Tribute to Broadway, and Tribute to Sonny & Cher
  • Studio recording "Best Broad Money Can Buy"© in 2000.
  • Special guest appearances with the Brotherhood Band/Sunflower Peace Events© and Rob Mullen Jr.'s new album "Summer Six-pack"®
  • Jazz and benefit concert show appearances as solo performer in R&B, Pop, and Broadway favourites.

Gabi has been the voice in many commercials for TV and radio as well as the MC of countless events in Canada, the USA and Europe.

She is fluent in German and conversational French.

Gabi's Books:

Woman of Wisdom - Calendar book 2008
My Backyard-Ontario - Hardcover book 2008
Herd on the Hill - Hardcover book 2009
Country Gentlemen - Calendar book 2010
Wood Nymphs Project - DVD and Calendar book 2011

Gabi's Benefit Photographs:

The Fund-raising Six-Pack 2006
"Victorian Morning" for Breast Cancer
"Brave Spirit" for MS
"Winter Stallion" for The Longrun Foundation
"On the Scent" for The Lions Foundation Guide Dogs
"Smilin' Daisies" for Neurofibromitosis Society of Ontario
"Sibbald Park Beach" for Rescue Lake Simcoe.
"Summer Meadow" - Haiti Unicef Earthquake relief 2010