The "Wall of 25"

Celebrating my 25th Anniversary...

In celebration of my 25th anniversary as a portrait photographer, I decided to photograph 25 people.
The group is totally of my choosing and represents a cross section of people of Ontario who truly inspire me.
Of course, they are now signing autographs and have become celebrities!!

Dorris Murray
Colin Macdonald
Jeff and Rod Kaufman
John Sibbald
Amanda Fullerton
Erika Buechner
Wayne Owen
Emilie Anderson
Kim Bunn Auer
Natalie Ravenscroft
Master Ho
June Gunn
Joe Agnello
Bill McCue
Ruth, Sally, Jean
Trisha Rudy
Jack Stopper
Chris Wrong
Kristina Kaufman
Kat Taylor
John Cleveland Hughes
Tyler Howe
Julie Morton
Mary Georgio